Old Dark House
Locked Door #2
Locked Door
Dear Devil
Self Portrait
Waiting for The Birds To Fade
The Stars Between Your Legs
The Carney
The Devil in Disguise
The Birthday Party
The Specter
Mr. Uncertain
With this Key
Dunce #2
Open Door
Sometimes you have to Look away
Smoking Flapper
birdgirl3 copy.jpg
birdgirl2 copy.jpg
birdgirl1type55pos copy.jpg
Medic, MarisaRedburn, copyright2005.jpg
momentomorioxidized copy.jpg
mementomoritype55pos copy.jpg
Two Hands
moth copy.jpg
cuquitype55polaroid copy.jpg
kianatype55polaroid copy.jpg
The Luckies, MarisaRedburn, copyright2004.jpg
A Bird In the Hand is as Good as Dead
Is There Anybody Out There
metamorphasis copy2.jpg
hidingplace1 copy.jpg
duringthedayweplay copy.jpg
hopscotchtype55pos copy.jpg
weightofwater2type55pos copy.jpg
goldfish copy.jpg
weightofwater copy.jpg
weightofwater3type55pos copy.jpg
nudeMarisaType55pos copy.jpg
dadcrowntype55pos1 copy.jpg
Dadcrowntype54 copy.jpg
homeiswheretheheartis copy.jpg
homeiswheretheheartisoxidizedtype55pos copy.jpg
seahorsetime copy.jpg
buryitaway copy.jpg
tremor copy.jpg
tremor2 copy.jpg
miniaturetreetype55 copy.jpg
dadportraittype55pos copy.jpg
Thebathertype55pos copy1.jpg
I Turn to Dust, MarisaRedburn, copyright2005.jpg
intheattic copy.jpg
girlintheattic2type55pos copy.jpg
marisaprofiletype55pos copy.jpg
portraitwithviolintype55pos copy2.jpg
marisapeacockmouth copy.jpg
timetellsnolies copy.jpg
deadontype55pos2 copy.jpg
deadon3type55pos copy.jpg
typehandstype55pos copy.jpg
olddarkhouse2type55pos copy.jpg
olddarkhouse6type55pos copy.jpg
olddarkhousewestwingtype55pos copy.jpg
marisaviolinportrait2 copy.jpg
lastyouforgetalicetype55pos copy.jpg
fishbonestype55pos copy.jpg
forbiddenfruit1 copy.jpg
prayerforraintype55pos2 copy.jpg
prayerforraintype55pos1 copy.jpg
austindoublebasstype55pos copy.jpg
austinbass3type55pos copy.jpg
austinbass4type55pos copy.jpg
Speak No Evil ~ Self Portrait
Hear No Evil ~ Self Portrait
See No Evil ~ Self Portrait
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